Bible Reading Notes

Bible Reading Notes – Why Bother?

It’s said that if a ballet dancer doesn’t practise for one day, she notices.  If she doesn’t practise for two days, the class notices and if she doesn’t practise for three days, the whole audience notices.  It might not be so immediately obvious if Christians don’t read the Bible every day, but sooner or later, it will be noticed.

Different Christian traditions give different weight to the habit of daily Bible study, but are all agreed that it’s an important discipline: a practice to be fostered, along with prayer, worship, reflection and service, if faith is to grow deep roots.

Our enthusiasm for Bible reading may wax and wane: life becomes busy or difficult, we drift away and don’t know how to return, scripture no longer seems to ‘speak’ to us, we get bored, distracted or discouraged until daily Bible study becomes a joyless ‘ought’, another niggly, guilt-inducing ‘should’.

But what if, instead of thinking of it as a duty, we think of it as a gift: a lovely opportunity to sit in God’s presence, focus on his word and keep the channels of communication open.

Daily Bible reading notes nourish and inspire on good days, but they come into their own when we’re flagging.  They provide a structure, a manageable passage of scripture and the thoughts of a wise, compassionate and experienced commentator.

BRF offers six different series of Bible reading notes from the seriously, theological to the quietly contemplative, from notes for women to reflections for older people.  The most popular series is the approachable and illuminating New Daylight, offering insight into God and into scripture.  Whichever series you choose, it will introduce you over time to the whole sweep of scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, allowing you to absorb its wisdom, develop your understanding and encounter daily inspiration, encouragement and challenge.

Eley McAinsh
Editor of Bible Reflections for Older People

If you would like to browse through a copy of each series offered, please contact Claire at St Thomas’ Church or by email

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