Summer Quiz Answers

Sue’s Summer Challenge Answers

Thank you! To everyone who has supported the Summer Challenge by taking part in my quiz. To date, together we have raised £255 which is fantastic.

Only one person attempted every question but was not quite the overall winner.

Now what you have all been waiting for….

Quiz Answers

Section One: Nostalgia

1. Who told us to ‘make someone happy with a phone call’?  (5)

A –  Buzby

2. What did Clifford advertise (9)

A – Listerine (Clifford was a dragon with halitosis!)

3. ‘Is she…..isn’t she?’ (7,9)

A – Harmony Hairspray

4. Composer of the music accompanying a famous  advert for bread (7,6)

A – Antonin Dvořák (accents must be correct!)

5. Who was the country’s worst car parker? (8, 11)

A – Reginald Molehusband

6. Famous for celebrating ‘ologies’ where was this actress born?

A – Kingston upon Hull

7. How many old (L.S.D) half pennies laid end to end measure a mile?

A – 63,360 a pre decimal Halfpenny measures 1 inch there are 63,360 inches in one mile (the question was asked in imperial measurements – mile not kilometre)

8. Which Bond girl recommended a sporting cologne? 

A – Valerie Leon (she promoted ‘High Karate’)  

9. Who published a circular entitled ‘Air Raid Precautions’ during World War

A –  Stanley Baldwin

10. Join up ( 4,3,5,8)

A –Take the King’s shilling

Section 2: Science & Medicine

1. Who invented the autoclave in 1881 (7,11)

A – Charles Chamberland

 2. What was first used as an anaesthetic in 1845 (7,5)

A – Nitrous Oxide (diethyl ether was 1942)

3. What is the phenomena of sneezing in response to a full stomach called ?

A – the Snatiation Reflex

4. Medical term for inability to perform rapid alternating movements (18)

 A –  Dysdiadochokinesia (most people got this right – will have to be harder next time!!)

5. They are colourless, odourless, conduct electricity and fluoresce(5,5)

A –  Noble Gases

6. Metabolites of arachidonic acid important in asthma (13)

A – Prostaglandin

7. Vitamin Absorption test (9,4)  

A – Schilling test

8. Light brown birthmark (4,2,4,4)

A – café au lait spot / mark

9.  Physicist educated at Hulme Grammar School Oldham

A –  Professor Brian Cox

10 Just achieved world heritage site status

A – Jodrell Bank

Section 3: The Bible

1. Who was Rachel’s great grandfather?

A – Nahor (Genesis 29)

2. Name of the only daughter of Jacob 

A – Dinah

3. Which Babylonian King’s dreams did Daniel interpret?

A – Nebuchadnezzar (book of Daniel)

4. Where is it believed St Thomas was martyred?

A – Chennai, India ( you were given 7,5 letters as the clue)

5.  Who requested the head of John the Baptist

A – Herodias ( Matthew 14 – although Salome asked Herod for the head of John the Baptist on a platter she was prompted to do it by her mother Herodias NB clue 8 letters)

6. What is the last sentence the Bible? (11 words)

A – Revelation Ch22 v 21 ‘The Grace of our Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen’ ( also accepted ‘The Grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all. Amen’ depends on version used nb 11 words clue)

7. Who is believed to have written the final part of the book of Deuteronomy?

A – Joshua

8 Who was left to do all the work when Jesus visited?

A – Martha

9. Who did Jesus entrust his mother to after His death?

A – John

10. Where is the death of the first Christian martyr recorded? (book, chapter, verse)

A – Acts Ch 7 v 60 (the Stoning of Stephen) 

Section 4: Sport

1. Which Olympic event in the 2012 Olympics was held at the home of English cricket?

A – Archery

2. I played football for Arsenal and cricket for Middlesex and England, who am I? (5,7)

A – Denis Compton

3. Which Manchester United player also played in an Ashes test match?

A – Arnie Sidebottom(accepted Arnold)

4. How many cricket pitches are there in a mile?

A – 80

5. Which is the only professional Rugby League team to have played all it’s matches in the top flight?

A –Warrington Wolves

6. What is the distance in metres of an Olympic velodrome?

A – 250m

8        Tennis player who appeared in a different kind of court (6,6)  

ARoscoe Tanner (professional tennis player also prosecuted for financial misdeeds)

9.    What Is the highest city to have hosted the summer Olympics? (6,4)

A Mexico City

9. What is the distance of the Grand National?

A – 4 miles and 2and a ½ furlongs or 4 miles and  514 yards .

10. Which was the only year in the 1980’s when Cambridge won the boat race?

A –1986

Section 5: Entertainment

1. What is the connection between the TV programme ‘Happy Days’ and the film ‘Backdraft’?  

A – Ron Howard (starred in Happy Days and directed Backdraft)

2.  TV show where contestants asked for a ‘P’

A – Blockbusters

3. Hastings superior (7.6)

A- Hercule Poirot

4.  Her first name is Boadicea (3,5,2,6)

A – The vicar of Dibley(several people put ‘The Queen of Iceni’ note the letter clue Iceni only has 5 letters not 6 and I do not think Queen Boudica – or Boadicea would have featured in an ‘entertainment’ category!)

5. What is the connection between the film The Lovely bones and the Weta cave 

A – Sir Peter Robert Jackson (directed The Lovely Bones in 2009 and co- owns WETA caves)

6. Britain’s Got Talent judge (6,5)

A – Alesha Dixon

7. In which film did Tony Curtiss and Jack Lemmon appear in drag?

A – Some like it hot

8.   Parker’s fare (4,8)  

A – Lady Penelope

9.  Enemy of spotted dogs (7,7)

A –Cruella Deville

Section 6: Music

1. Who recorded ‘Simon Says’?

A – 1910 Fruit Gum Company

2.  Who is the oldest UK recording artist with a number one album? (4,4)  

A – Vera Lynn

3. Lonnie’s last chart topper (2,3,4,1,7)

A – My old man’s a dustman

4. What instrument is pressed between the teeth and twanged with a finger?

A – Jew’s harp

5. Who composed the opera with a main character Mario Cavaradossi?

A – Giacomo Puccini ( composed the music for the Opera Tosca)

6. The other side of Strawberry Fields

A – Penny Lane

7. If you reach For the moon, If you aim For the sky, Then the moon and the sky can be yours come on and try! are words from which musical?

A – Aspects of Love (chorus from Everybody loves a hero)

8. Song giving its name to TV drama starting down Sunnyside Lane.

A – Pennies from heaven

9. Why might you (mistakenly) think ‘Carousel’ is set in Liverpool (5,5,4,5)

A – You’ll never walk alone ( a song from the musical Carousel now a Liverpool anthem)

10. Who stopped Vienna hitting the top spot in 1981 (3,5)

A – Joe Dolce

Section 7: Art and  Literature

1. Name the sequel to the classic novel featuring Scout, Gem and Boo.

A – Go set a watchman (sequel to ‘To kill a Mockingbird’)

2. ‘If you want to find Cherry Tree Lane’ is the first line from which book?

A – Mary Poppins

3. Fifth Darrowby Chronicle (4,5,3)

A – Vets might fly

4.  What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan?

A – Alarm clock( accepted clock)

5. Who was William Shakespeare married to?

A –  Anne Hathaway

6. Who did Sir John Betjeman succeed as Poet Laureate

A – Cecil Day Lewis

7. In which book did mice complete his work?

A – The Tailor of Gloucester

8. Overlooks the A1 (5,2,3,5)

A – Angel of the North

9. Violently insane Bronté character who lived at Thornfield Hall. (6,5)

A – Bertha Mason

10. Picasso painting inspired by bombing of civilians in Spanish Civil War. ( 8)

A – Guernica

Section 8: General Knowledge

1. Who was the 6th man to walk on the moon? ( 5,4,8)

A – Edgar Dean Mitchell

2. What word describes the smell of rain falling on dry earth? (9)

A –  petrichor

3. What word describes the thick, voluminous, and shiny soil turned over by a plough? (7)

A – Sillion

4. What is the international radio code word for the letter Q?

A –  Quebec

5. What is the fastest land animal?

A – Cheetah

6. What fraction of 18 carat gold is pure?

A – ¾ (NB 75% is not a fraction it is a percentage)

7. What does Oscar stand on? ( 1, 4, 2, 4)

A –  a reel of film

8. What was the name of Sir Edward Heath’s yacht?

A – Morning cloud

9. What severe form of this condition did Joseph Carey Merrick suffer from?

A – neurofibromatosis

10. Which hand does Eros hold his bow in?

A – left

Section 9: Food and drink

1. Chain started in Altrincham (5,6,6)

A –  Rhode Island Coffee

2. What is Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and champagne better known as?

A – French 75(cocktail)

3. Kitchen Lift (4,6) 

A – dumb waiter

4.  Hannibal’s accompaniment for liver and beans.

A – Chianti

5. Rich plain sponge (7,4)

A – Madeira Cake

6. What is the process which by oxidation turns granulated sugar into a syrup? (14)

A – Caramelisation

7. What is the common pest which attacks vines called ?

A – phylloxera

8. What is chewing gum made of?

A – Chicle

9. What is the name of the scale set to measure the spicy heat of   peppers?

A – Scoville scale

10. What does kosher mean in Hebrew?

A – Accepted Pure, clean, Fit or appropriate

Section 10: History

1. Relationship of Victoria Mary of Tech to Queen Elizabeth.

A – Grandmother

2. What were policemen once known as? (7)

A – peelers

3. Who was the first US President born in the 20th century?

A – Lyndon B Johnson born in August 27 1908 ( JFK born May 29  1917)

4. Holocaust remembrance centre (3,6)

A – Yad vashem

5. Which Israeli Prime minister spent 2 years in a Russian concentration camp?

A – Menachem Begin

6. Which British political party was formed in 1900?

A – Labour Party

7. What event led to changes in Thames Navigation regulations?

A – Sinking of the Marchioness

8. House name of President Andrew Jackson (3, 9)

A – The Hermitage

9. Surnames of assassinated US Presidents

A –  Lincoln  Garfield McKinley Kennedy

10. Built in 1777 this is the oldest of this group of structures in our capital

A – Richmond Bridge

Money Teasers

1. Croydon Landmark (10, 3, 8)

A – Threepenny Bit Building

2. Seeker of a Jumbly Girl (3,4,4,1,8,4)

A – Dong (The Dong with A Luminous Nose)

3. American  Bargain Store (4,3,4)

A –  Five And Dime

4. Author’s literary debut ((3,1,5,4,3,1,5,4)

A – Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less ( Jeffrey Archer)

5. What Piggy sold his ring for (3,8)

A – one shilling (from the Owl and the Pussycat)

Only 1 person attempted all the answers and scored 99.

The highest score of those returned entries was 99 and a ½ losing half a point for one incorrect accent direction on Antonin Dvořák – Well done!  She will receive the £20 M&S voucher.

I hope you all enjoyed it!


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