We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable when they visit us.  As you enter the churches for services there are welcomers (sometimes called sidespeople) on the door to greet you and make sure you have everything you need.  Please tell them if you would like any additional help during the service, or would appreciate assistance to find somewhere to sit.

All three of our buildings (St. Thomas’ church, St. Mary Magdalene’s church and St. Thomas’ Church Hall) are fully accessible, with gently sloped entrance ramps suitable for wheelchairs, buggies, prams and the less mobile.  All of our buildings are ground floor only, and all have hearing loops, disabled toilets and baby changing facilities.

Service booklets are available in large print versions: just ask one of the welcomers as you come into church.

At St. Thomas’ church there are two small steps leading up to the chancel (the part right at the front of Church where the choir sit and the altar is positioned).  If you would like someone to accompany you up the steps when you go for Communion please ask.  Alternatively, if you would like to take Communion as you sit in your seat, the celebrant will come to you.

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