Pastoral Care Group

Pastoral Care Group

Our Pastoral Care Group does just that: cares for those within our church family and for those in the wider community.

We meet on the third Thursday of each month after the 10am Communion service at St. Thomas’ Church.  Here we review the list of those wishing /needing a visit from the clergy or members of the team – those who are ill in hospital, at home, in St Rocco’s hospice or in the many nursing homes in our area.  We endeavour to support those who care for relations and friends, knowing that this can be a difficult, demanding and anxious time for them.

We do rely a great deal on people telling us if such visits are needed, and make a point of noticing if someone misses their usual church services or Open Church visits for two or three weeks. We make discreet enquiries: not to question the reason but to show that we genuinely care about each individual.

A routine has been established following a bereavement. The clergy have as always made visits before and after the service but in addition a member of the group makes a visit some two to three weeks later, taking a pack containing a letter from Michael, an invitation to the Commemoration service in autumn, a prayer card and information about having names put in the Memorial books at either church.  More importantly, however, we spend time with the family: once more showing we care.

We continue to take Communion to those unable to get to church. During the year we have held four services of  ‘Home Communion at church’ when we arrange for people to be brought to church for a service after which we have enjoyed lunch together. Comments heard include, ’it’s so lovely to see people outside the walls of my flat’ and, ‘how nice that somebody else has made me a cup of tea’ !!!

We are aware that during holiday periods some will feel lonely as family and friends are away and so this summer we held a ‘Summer Sing- a- Long’ when some 40 people met, sang songs of the 1960’s and enjoyed an afternoon tea.

During this past year we have invited those on our long term prayer list to become ‘prayer partners’ making them an important part of the church family. They are asked to pray for those on our weekly sheet and for other concerns that are suggested.

If you would like to become part of the Pastoral Care group, please do contact us as we would like to extend the scope of this ministry

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