This Week’s Prayer Focus

Prayer Focus:

  • That the Holy Spirit will lead us into truth.  Like the first disciples may we speak boldly into our community by acts of love, words of peace and prayers of healing.
  • All our sisters and brothers in Bridgewater Churches Together as we celebrate together at Hill Cliffe Baptist Church.  For our Deanery of Great Budworth and Bev soon to be made Rural Dean.
  • Thanksgiving for Christian Aid Week: for all who’ve given time to collect and for us all as we give generously to such a vital cause.  May our giving change the lives of the abused, homeless and hungry.
  • Forgiveness for the many conflicts around the world: that reconciliation, peace and unity may bring our fragmented family together.
  • Students revising, taking exams and completing coursework.  May their stress levels be reduced by supportive homes, compassionate educators and generous mentors.
  • Countries affected by floods and extreme weather events, especially Brazil and Afghanistan.  May we all work for the good of the planet by saving water and reducing our energy usage.
  • The peace and love found in our fellowships : may St. Thomas’ and St. Mary Magdalene’s be people and places where the Holy Spirit lives and heals and grows.  May our Growing Good course inspire us to new and creative ways to serve our community.
  • Comfort for all who are sick and in need of healing – our prayers surround them with love:- Peter, John, Hazel, Heather, Derek, Pat, Ken, Claire, Sheila, Joan, Kara, Don, Tommy, Ivy, Mark and Mary.
  • Welcome into the light those who have died recently: Doreen, Ruth, Peter, Margaret, Neville and Joan.  Give comfort to those remembering anniversaries at this time.

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